The Cure

Since becoming a member about two years ago I’ve never written anything in my journal. So I though I should start ;)

I’ve recently started listening to The Cure. I had never really heard much of their music until a few weeks ago. I suppose I might have been secretly avoiding their music because I knew that Morrissey dislikes them.

I was reading a thread in the ‘other music’ section on the Morrissey-solo forums. It was a poll asking people what there favourite Cure album where. There were lots of comments and people were raving about them, so I thought if so many Moz-Smith fans like then maybe I will too.

So I download ‘Disintegration’, from itunes, which was voted the best album on the poll. And I loved it so much that I have since bought a further 6 of their albums.

So far I have: Disintegration, The Head in the Door, Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Bloodflowers, Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me and Pornography.

Any other Cure Fans?

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